Viennese Oyster Position

The Viennese Oyster is quite an unusual position that needs you to have a large amount of flexibility and suppleness. As you can see in the picture below, to perform it, you need to lay on your back. You then have to grab your legs and spread them while also pulling them backward. For some people, these different sex positions are better suited for their bodies and abilities.

Eventually, you will have pulled them back so far that your knees will be touching the bed (or almost touching it) on either side of you. You can then put your arms on top of your legs (at the back of your knees) which will keep your legs in place. If you find this easy to do, you can experiment by then putting your legs further back behind your head.

Your man then penetrates you while on his knees, just as he would when in the deckchair position.

What The Girl Does In The Viennese Oyster Position

When you are performing the Viennese Oyster, your legs won’t be able to move a whole lot. The most you can do is either masturbate yourself or rub your man’s chest.

What The Guy Does In The Viennese Oyster Position

If this is your first time performing the Viennese Oyster with your man, then he needs to be extra careful not to hurt you. So when you start in this position, make sure that your man goes slow, gentle and listens to your for feedback. Then once you are fully comfortable, he can get a little bit more aggressive. He also has to be careful with his first few thrusts so that he doesn’t go too deep, which is very easy in this position.

As I have already said, your man is going to be on his knees. By moving his knees closer or further away from you, he can change how deep he goes and what angle he is penetrating you at. If you like clitoral stimulation during sex, then you’ll have to provide it yourself, because it’s very difficult for your man to provide it with his pubic bone in this position.

Things To Consider When Performing The Viennese Oyster Sex Position

From all the students I have talked to, not many have been able to perform the Viennese Oyster. From talking to them I have found a few different things:

  • If you are not flexible, then forget about it.
  • Even if you are flexible and can perform the Viennese Oyster, you will probably still find it very uncomfortable.
  • Warming up and doing some stretching first is a good idea and will make it easier to do.
  • Your man has a huge amount of control when he is on top of you. This is great if you like feeling exposed and getting dominated and being submissive to him. He can literally ‘pound you from above’.
  • It’s also great if you like taking it really deep from him.

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