Just what does a vagina feel like? This is one of those questions that is difficult to answer to completion, and you might still be left wondering after you read this post.  We hope that this post explains a bit how it feels like for your partner because while you can feel with your fingers – and we certainly recommend that you do – you can never penetrate a vagina with your own penis.

what a vagina feels like


The tissue that lines your vagina is actually a mucous membrane (mucosa [1]), and your vagina isn’t the only place that has it. Run your tongue along the inside of your mouth, and you’ll be feeling another mucus membrane [2].

It’s moist (when healthy) and feels slippery and soft. But you can also feel the bumps and ridges along the top of your mouth, and similar textures can be felt in vaginas. In fact, your G-spot usually feels like a series of bumps in a valley [3]. So if you’ve been looking for your G-spot, use your fingers to feel around for something that feels somewhat similar to the roof of your mouth.

Learn how to have a G-spot orgasm.

When you’re aroused, the G-spot swells [3], but it’s not the only thing you can feel “through” the walls of your vagina. In fact, we recommend inserting your fingers and feeling around to become familiar with your vagina even if you aren’t looking for your G-spot!

Your pubic bone is located toward the front of your vagina [4], usually in front of your G-spot, so you’ll need to hook your fingers (or a toy) behind the bone to access your G-spot. The location of this bone can make you feel tighter to a partner during sex, but that pressure isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

If a partner penetrates your vagina and something (or someone) else is in your anal tract, your partner can feel that. The same is true in reverse, so why not try anal sex while masturbating vaginally with a vibrator or your fingers? It can give your partner pleasure, too!

Your vagina ends in a narrow passage known as the cervix. Your cervix dilates up to 10 centimeters when giving birth [5], and it’s where an IUD is inserted and the strings hang down from afterward [6].  If you can reach your cervix, it may feel like a bump with a little dimple in it. You should feel your strings if you have an IUD.

Having trouble finding your cervix? It might be easier to find if you squat.

During sex or masturbation, a penis or toy may hit your cervix. Many women find this uncomfortable; although, some like the sensation provided by deep stimulation. Some women can even orgasm from cervical stimulation. Find out more.


Your vagina is capable of stretching to a certain extent. Your vagina is what is known as a potential space [7] [8] [9] [10]. When nothing (a penis, tampon, fingers or toy, for example) is in it, the inner walls collapse against one another. They only expand like a balloon when something penetrates your vagina. This ballooning can make your vagina feel deeper and is one reason why you can handle toys and penises of various sizes.

The elasticity of your vagina means it returns to its collapsed, normal size after your remove the toy or even after giving birth. This is one thing that makes fisting possible. Discover why people like fisting and how to do it right.

If a vagina wasn’t a potential space, the answer to the question “What does a vagina feel like?” would be far different!


With as much as we know about how a vagina feels and works, you’d think we could mimic it pretty well, right? The answer isn’t as positive as you might imagine, however. Many toys for men seek to imitate the vagina in texture and use lube to mimic a vagina’s natural moisturizer. Many of them feel quite nice, and some may even have suction or offer a more intense texture than a natural vagina, but it’s not easy to copy that exactly.

Men can have different experiences, too, based on whether they’re circumcised or not. Circumcision can affect your pleasure, too. Learn more about this.


Using a condom is necessary to prevent the spread of STIs and to protect yourself from pregnancy, but it can dull the sensations of sex — for both partners. It can feel plastic-like and not warm and wet. However, condoms have come a long way. They’re now thinner than ever, and many of them transmit body heat to minimize the possible reduction of satisfaction.

You can can also go in another direction and choose textured condoms. They might not feel natural, but they add stimulation that can feel good. Whatever you do, don’t ditch a condom just because a man says it doesn’t feel good. That’s not a risk worth taking. Feel free to roll a condom on if you want it.

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If you want to feel a bit like a sexual superhero, there’s something you can do to change what a vagina feels like for your man: squeeze your PC muscles. Your PC muscles are the same ones you use to stop the flow of urine . Exercises known as Kegels can lead to better orgasms and increased pleasure for you [11] as well as help with issues of incontinence.

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Squeezing them during sex can also feel great for your partner! You can squeeze periodically during penetration, right before he’s about to orgasm or even in a series of short bursts to see how your partner responds to it. Not everyone likes the sensation, of course, but it might be something that your lover finds enjoyable.

Another way to change how it feels is to switch position! You’ve obviously experienced positions where you can better feel your man, or he feels bigger. Spooning is one such position. More on that here.

Switching sex positions has much the same effect for your partner. Some of them make your vagina feel tighter or shorter, and the angle changes, too. What does a vagina feel like in different positions? Try out a few from our sex positions guide to find out!


Despite the fact that a vagina is something that many men go to extreme length to feel, it doesn’t always feel good. This is especially true if a vagina is particularly dry, which is can be during certain stages in your life or when you’re not properly aroused and attempt to have sex. You’ve probably been there: your partner is trying to slide into you, but it’s uncomfortable or even painful for the both of you.

Some women are naturally dryer than others, and there’s nothing wrong with this. But this doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. A personal lubricant adds moisture and makes things slippery. Not only does this feel better, but using lube can help to prevent tears that could become infected.

Plus, you can choose from sensation lubes that enhance the experience. Discover the different types of lube in this post.


Although it might seem like tighter is better, that may not always be the case. If your vagina feels too tight, it can be uncomfortable for your man. It feels none too good for you, either, if you’re trying to stuff something or someone into it. Again, this can lead to tearing.

Typically, vaginas stretch to accommodate things going into and coming out of them, but some women have difficulty due to a condition called vaginismus.  Any sort of penetration makes the vaginal muscles contract, making penetration difficult or even impossible [12]. Vaginismus can be something you’re born with, but it might also develop after long periods without penetration. Abuse is also one factor in this condition.

Treatment includes physical dilation, which may eventually enables a woman to insert a tampon, use a toy or have sex. However, penetration isn’t always possible, and some women with vaginismus – and their partners — need to focus on activities that don’t include penetration. This may mean

  • Oral sex
  • Sensual massage
  • Outercourse
  • Clitoral vibration
  • Nipple play

Although vaginas can feel good, there’s no reason why you can’t still enjoy sexual intimacy with your partner if penetration isn’t an option.


Okay, so if you googled “What does a vagina feel like?”, you probably mean literally. But if you ask people who enjoy penetrating vaginas, they’ll probably reply with some surprising comments. Some people feel especially powerful when inside a vagina. It’s not just the physical sensations that do it for them.

And still some people can’t describe it in words very well at all. They simply know that it feels amazing. Some might even describe the feeling as heavenly!

Recognizing what a vagina feels like and how amazing it is should make you feel pretty powerful, too. It’s one of the many ways in which your body is fantastic and deserving of your love and respect.

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