I’m guessing you want a magic bullet for this one? Do you wish that there was one amazing, awesome, simple sex technique that you could use to solve the problem of what men want in bed?

The truth is there isn’t just one thing!

Anyone who tells you that they have a magic, secret formula is simply lying to you. There is no one awesome thing that men want in bed, that will satisfy them every time. It’s usually a combination of things.


You’ll find that most guys enjoy a lot of different things in bed. Some guys really like anal sex and prefer it to regular vaginal sex, while others adore getting a blowjob from their girl more than anything else. You’ll even find that some guys enjoy nothing more than to cuddle with their girlfriend after sex. But most guys have a ton of different things that they love their girl to do.

But you’ll notice that certain guys don’t enjoy some of these things at all. Some guys just aren’t interested in cuddling or anal sex.

The key here is to try out a lot of different sex techniques and tips on your man to see which ones he likes and which ones he doesn’t respond well to. Obviously, you should use the ones he likes again and again while forgetting about the ones he doesn’t like.

The key here is to keep trying out new things and not just using the same 1 or 2 techniques.


Sorry for the sensational headline, I just used it to make a point. I’m not saying that you should be a freak in the bedroom and a goodie-goodie two shoes when outside the bedroom. The point I’m making is that ‘freaks’ have a lot of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to sex. They take initiative and try new things, even if those things may be a little crazy.

They don’t just use the same 3 sex positions that they have been using their whole lives. They experiment and are constantly finding cool new techniques and positions as a result. When in bed, they don’t just lie there, lifeless waiting for their man to do everything. They are active participants in sex.


I often mention communication as an important factor in maintaining a great sex life. But I don’t mean it in some kind of weird, new-age, spiritual sense of the word. I mean simply talking. To find out what your man wants in bed, you need to talk to him about it. This can be tricky and a little awkward at first.

Instead of directly asking your man what he wants in bed, you need to be a little more indirect, otherwise he might clam up and not respond. A great way to be indirect about asking he what he wants in bed is to first tell him what you want to try and then judge his reaction.

When telling him what you want to try, start off with simple things like new positions or trying out a fantasy or roleplay. If he looks interested, then try asking him if there is anything that he’d like to try. It’s best to do this when he is in a good mood, like right after sex.

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