What You Don’t Know About Pre Cum Can Get You Pregnant

can a blow job lead to pregnancyPre cum happens when a man is sexually excited. The fluid is clear and appears on the head of the penis from the urethra, which is the reason that people sometimes refer to the penis in this state as a “leaky faucet.” Pre cum can get you pregnant, despite what you might have heard.

Pre cum is not semen, so it’s difficult to become pregnant from pre cum alone, but it’s not impossible to become pregnant from pre cum. Here’s how and why:

How and Why

Pre cum is not semen that leaks from the penis before ejaculation occurs. The Cowper’s glands produce pre cum, whereas small tubular glands (called the seminal vesicles), the prostate and the testicles produce semen.

The purpose of pre cum is to flush out the penis before a man ejaculates.

Because pre cum is not semen, you can’t become pregnant from this substance alone unless there is some sperm in it, which can happen. Because pre cum’s purpose is to flush out the penis, it can flush out any semen left in the penis from the last time a man ejaculated. That’s how you can become pregnant.

If a man urinated after his last ejaculation, the urine serves to flush out the penis and to kill leftover sperm. You probably would not get pregnant if that happened, but there are no guarantees. To be on the safe side, you should always assume that you can get pregnant from an erect penis, meaning you should take proper precautions.

Myths and Truths

can you get pregnant from pre cum

Many people wonder can pre cum make you pregnant and think that they can’t get pregnant from pre cum, but that is a wrong conclusion.

Just like you might have heard the myth that you can’t get pregnant while you have your period — you absolutely can! — you may have heard that pre cum can’t get you pregnant. Here are some myths and truths that answer the question can pre cum get you pregnant:

Myth: Pre cum is semen that has leaked out before a man ejaculates.

Truth: Pre cum is a different substance from ejaculate, but it still might contain sperm.

Myth: All men produce the same amount of pre cum.

Truth: The amount of pre cum produced varies with each man. Some men produce none, some produce a drop or two, and some produce a lot of fluid, up to 1 1/2 ounces.

Myth: Men can control whether they have pre cum.

Truth: Men have no control over whether they have pre cum or the amount of pre cum they have.

Myth: Pre cum is the same color as ejaculate.

Truth: Pre cum is a clear fluid, and ejaculate is milky white. Pre cum is also more watery than ejaculate.

Myth: You can’t get pregnant from pre cum before a man orgasms.

Truth: Any time the penis and vagina contact each other, there’s a chance of pregnancy. This can happen from fluid that contains semen leaking inside the vagina.

Myth: The body produces pre cum for lube, so you can’t get pregnant from it.

Truth: It’s true that pre cum actually has two purposes: to flush out the penis and to get things lubricated down there (though, you still might want to use more lube). But as you’ve learned, pre cum can contain semen, so you don’t want to mess around, possibly ending up with an unplanned pregnancy.

Myth: My friend said that pre cum won’t get me pregnant.

Truth: You now know that it’s possible to get pregnant from pre cum. People like to believe that a man can’t get a woman pregnant from pre cum because they then believe that pulling out before ejaculating is an acceptable method of birth control. That sort of thinking just leads to many unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. Pulling out is not an effective way to prevent a pregnancy.

Myth: Men know when they have pre cum.

can you get preganant by giving a blow job

Truth: Men don’t feel pre cum as they do ejaculate. The only way they know they have it is to see it. When a guy is inside you, he might have pre cum and doesn’t even know. But when he’s inside you, and ejaculates, he does know.

Myth: Pre cum cannot transmit sexually transmitted diseases.

Truth: Pre cum can transmit STDs. Wearing a condom can protect against the STDs and infections that are transmitted through bodily fluid. However, they may not protect against some STDs.

Myth: Pre cum will get you pregnant

Truth: It’s true that you can become pregnant from pre cum, but you’re more likely to become pregnant when a guy ejaculates deep inside of you because the semen has further to travel. Plus, there’s much more sperm in ejaculate than there is in pre cum. There are about 100 million sperm in ejaculate and only a small fraction in pre cum, if there are any at all.

When a man ejaculates deep inside you, the sperm are in the best position to get you pregnant versus having some fluid leaking slowly into your vagina.

If you are trying to get pregnant, you may be advised that the best positions are ones where the sperm has an easier time swimming upstream, such as missionary or missionary with your legs raised.


The next time you ask yourself the question can you get pregnant from pre cum, you’ll now that pre cum can get you pregnant. Many times, pre cum contains sperm. In fact, in one study, researchers found that 41 percent of the men they tested had semen in their pre cum. And about a third of the men had sperm in the pre cum as well.

The important lesson you should take away is that you can get pregnant from pre cum. Having your guy pull out before he ejaculates is not an effective birth control method. It’s true that there is less sperm in pre cum than there is in ejaculate, but when any sperm enters your vagina, you can get pregnant.

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