Most of the advice on the Internet will tell you that women don’t want them and guys shouldn’t send them – ever! That’s a little extreme if you ask us at the Princess Fantasy. Some women do like dick pics while others don’t understand the appeal at all, but many men don’t do the work when it comes to taking a good one.

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There are only a few reasons why guys send dick pics. They’re either trying to turn you on, entice you to have sex with them or trying to show off. In some cases, a man might even be digging for compliments about the size and appearance of his penis. Some guys jump right to sending dick pics when they should just be casually flirting, instead.

Considering how many women aren’t fans of dick pics, it’s surprising that men keep it up!

A lot of men misunderstand how visual a woman is because they are often turned on by what they see, so these men think that dick pics will automatically turn a woman on. This isn’t to say that women aren’t visual at all, but just seeing an erect penis isn’t going to make any woman want a man if she hasn’t previously expressed interest in him.

A dick pic is generally not going to do the trick and this is especially true if:

  • It’s the first/only message a guy sent.
  • It is without context. i.e. you were not already being sexual.
  • You’ve expressed a dislike for dick pics.
  • The picture isn’t a good picture to begin with.

The latter point is especially crucial. An otherwise attractive penis picture sent in the right moment might be ruined by what else is going on in the photo. A lot of guys don’t take the time to stop and think about this. Just like there are some tips you can use to take a better sexy selfie, a guy should consider what makes a good dick pic compared to what makes a poor one.

This means:

  • Clean up the clutter! If there’s any chance for a dick pic to be a good idea, then the photo shouldn’t also show how much of a slob you are. Items should be moved from bathroom counters, beds should be made and laundry should be picked up from floors, just to name a few. Of course, it takes less effort to simply re-frame the photo, assuming there’s any spot that isn’t a mess.
  • No size comparison items! Men don’t understand that it’s not always the size that counts. A big dick is nice, sure, but a dick pic complete with a remote control or Pringles can is an instant turn off.
  • Get out of the kid’s room! Women who have seen more than one dick pic with kids’ toys or bedding in the background know how much of a turn off this can be. For starters, women don’t want to think about someone’s kids when they are in the mood for a dick pic, even if it’s their own kids stuff. Secondly, it’s a dead giveaway if the guy is hiding a relationship and/or kids, which happens all too often, unfortunately.
  • Stay out of the bathroom! Before selfie cams on phones, it only made sense to take photos in front of the bathroom mirror. It helps you get a better shot and a full-body shot if that’s what you’re going for. But that’s not necessarily what works for a dick pic. We advise men to reconsider the bathroom at all when it comes to dick pics. Unless it’s spotless (see above), the mirror is clean and the toilet absolutely isn’t in the shot, this is a no-no!
  • Frame that photo right! A pair of sweatpants and tighty whities pulled halfway down a man’s thighs generally isn’t attractive. Neither is a gut hanging out or any of the other mistakes that men make all too often when snapping photos of their erections. On the other hand, literally, a hand wrapped around his hard cock or a stream of cum dripping down can be quite enticing! If you’ve got a preference, let your man know, so he can succeed when taking a dick pic!
  • Use good lighting! Lighting that’s too yellow or harsh can be unflattering. No one wants a washed out dick pic, assuming they want one at all! Camera flash is notorious for this when taken in the dark. Soft light from a lamp or even shadows can do wonders to improve a dick pic.


Okay, ladies. A guy has sent you a dick pic and he’s followed all the above rules, but the timing was wrong or you’re just not interested. What options do you have?


Be up front that you’re not really into dick pics, especially if there is potential for you romantically or sexually. If you’re not into him in any way, let him know, too. But, it’s easier said than done if you just want to be friends.


Sometimes guys will get the hint when you ignore dick pics or even when they’re hitting on you. Sometimes they don’t, and this could lead to repeated dick pics spamming your phone. This is why you might consider talking to him if you care how he feels.


If you’re not interested in talking to a guy at all and he sends you dick pics, feel free to block him. This is especially true if you’re using dating sites or apps. There’s no need to worry about this stranger’s feelings or your potential future.


Got an unwanted dick pic in your inbox? Why not edit that baby and add some funny eyes or draw something on it? Send it back to your sender. This is an interesting experiment because you change the tone of the conversation. Some guys will laugh. Others will get offended and stop talking to you. That’s not such a loss, now is it?


Now, many of us ladies have shared a funny or weird dick pic with our friends – and sometimes we share the hot ones, too! Proceed with caution if you decide to share a dick pic with the world. He might deserve it for invading your privacy, but two wrongs don’t make a right, either. On the other hand, it’ll serve him right for sending unsolicited dick pics!

Of course, if you’re in the mood, feel free to send your own sexy picture in response. It might help you feel horny too. A lot of women are uncomfortable sending pictures of their vulvas, and guys don’t necessarily want that in return. That’s okay! Consider a shot of your cleavage peeking out from your top or bra, a panty picture, a shot of your butt (bare or not) or a picture of you carefully hiding your most X-rated bits.

You can pair swapping sex photos with sexting. We’ve got guides to that here and here. Pepper in pictures with scintillating words to get him going. It’s a great way to stay connected if you’re in a long-distance relationship, a safe way to explore sexuality with a stranger or simply a way to fuel your fantasies when you’re masturbating!

If you’re not into dick pics, you’re not alone, however. It’s your right not to have your have inbox invaded with them, and it would be great if more men took a second to determine whether sending one if a good idea at all. Even if you like dick pics, so many guys ignore common sense that you can easily get sick of them. Hopefully, some guys will see this post and take our advice to heart.

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