With as many as 70% of women not having their own orgasm during sex and the billion-dollar industry dedicated to drugs like Viagra, many people are obviously looking for ways to improve their sex lives. And why wouldn’t you want to have better sex? Even if you don’t think your sex life is without problems, you might be surprised at how good sex can be if you implement a few of these tried-and-true sex tricks in the bedroom!

The first sex trick for truly amazing sex is to communicate. If there’s something you like, want more of or would rather not do, you have to let your man know somehow. You can’t expect your partner to ever read your mind, and you should be able to expect the same open and honest communication in return. It’s okay not to like something you’ve tried and even not to want to try something if it’s too strange for you. But an open mind and open communication are necessities for mind-blowing sex!

Secondly, it’s always important to take as much time as you need to warm up. In fact, this shouldn’t even be considered a sex “trick.” Consider it a must! While he might be ready to go right away, that’s often not the case for women. Although lube can help, and you’ll learn more about that later, it’s not the only solution.

Having an orgasm or two through oral sex or fingering before penetration can do wonders. And if you start to stimulate each other over the day through sexy texts, phone calls or emails, you’ll be plenty revved up by the time you can lose your clothes!

While there’s no single sex trick that will work for everyone – and you might even find something works one day but doesn’t work the next – you and your lover can have a lot of fun by experimenting.


You don’t necessarily need expensive drugs or toys to spice things up in the bedroom. And you don’t need to dole out tons of money on a fly-by-night sex trick, either! If you’re used to only missionary, you could easily increase your pleasure and your partner’s by switching things up every once in a while. Here our some of our favorite sex tricks when it comes to positions:

  • Try doggy style if your partner is having trouble stimulating your G-spot or to make him feel larger. Your partner can also reach around your hips in this position to
  • Spooning can also make your partner’s penis feel larger. The same goes for any position where your legs are closed more tightly. Spooning can also help your partner last longer if he finishes too quickly.
  • If your partner tends to go too hard or quickly, take control by riding him on top, where you can control pace and depth.
  • Use a pillow beneath your hips or butt whether face up or face down to bring them closer to your partner. This makes him feel larger and can also reduce strain on your arms or legs.


Any position that allows you or your partner access to your clit can help you get off during sex, too. If you can reach down between your bodies to manually stimulate your clit. Don’t be afraid to reach into your bedside drawer to bring out your favorite toy to get your own orgasm. Many men think it’s incredibly hot when a woman takes charge of her own pleasure with confidence. Owning your orgasm might not sound like a sex trick, but it makes a huge difference to partners when you’re confident in the bedroom.


Whether you’ve never used a sex toy at all before or you only use one during solo time, it might be time to introduce it to your man! A bullet vibe can easily be used during many different positions, and your partner might also like the residual vibrations.

An internal vibrator, like those designed with curves specifically to stimulate the G-spot, can help you to reach a new type of orgasm with your partner. Some women are even able to squirt through G-spot stimulation – a sex trick that might delight your partner! – and a vibrator or dildo that provides plenty of firm stimulation can help with that!

Other types of sex toys might include anal beads or butt plugs, nipple clamps and vibrators, blindfolds and other fun bondage gear. There’s a variety of tools made to truss up your lover – or your can be the one in bondage if you prefer – and you can have tons of fun shopping with your lover for something new to add the spark back in the bedroom.

There are also toys that can either stimulate both you and your man at the same time or provide stimulation to him. These include masturbation sleeves and strokers – it can be hot to watch your man please himself.Cock rings worn around the base of the penis and the scrotum can help him last longer and feel larger, and some rings have their own vibrator to stimulate your clit. If your man is adventurous anally, you can try a butt plug or prostate massager on him. 

There are literally so many sex toys on the market that every person can have their own bag of sex tricks at the ready for their next sexy romp! You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you can even incorporate household items if you’d like. Ice cubes are perfect for tantalizing nipples, and a spatula works as a spanking implement in a pinch.


There are generally two camps when it comes to lube: those who love it and those who think it’s unnecessary. Lube definitely needs to be in your bag of sex tricks, however! If you haven’t considered how a little slippery stuff can improve your sex life, you’re definitely missing out!

Of course, lube enables you to have sex comfortably if you’re not as aroused or if you’re experiencing issues self lubricating because of medication or other lifestyle issue. Personal lubricant can help to prevent tears in your most sensitive parts, and can ease insertion if your partner is more well endowed, too.

You’ll find oil-based lubes like Boy Butter, which are especially good for his masturbation. Water-based lubes are compatible with condoms and all of your favorite toys. Silicone toys shouldn’t be used with silicone dildos, but they’re condom compatible and a little goes a long way when it comes to increasing slickness.

A good silicone based lube is necessary if you want to get down and dirty in the shower, too. Here’s a sex trick you’ll want to try: in a pinch, silicone-based lube can work as a massage oil! Try Maximus, a thicker lube that’s great for anal, or Good Clean Love for a natural and gentle lube that won’t irritate vaginally.

Flavored lubes are a special category that can really make performing oral more enjoyable for either you or your partner. System Jo and Sliquid are among the manufacturers of popular flavored lubes. When using a flavored lube on yourself, make sure it contains no glycerin, which can contribute to a yeast infection. Some people enjoy coconut oil as a safe natural lubricant, and the light taste can also be used for oral if you don’t mind the texture.

There are also things you can do to improve the taste of what comes from your body. You might have heard of the sex trick where your man drinks pineapple juice to improve the flavor of his ejaculate. Have him give it a try. In fact, any diet that’s healthy and high in fruits and vegetable just might be able to help his stamina in the sack!With a little experimentation, sex can go from “just okay” or good to mind-blowing. Many problems in the bedroom can be fixed with a little forethought. If you’re a single lady who enjoys casual sex, you can use these sex tricks to blow your partner’s minds!

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