X Marks The Spot

The X Marks The Spot sex position is just a variation of the regular Missionary position. It’s great to try out if you find that you are getting bored of Missionary and want something similar but different. Here are 100 different sex positions to keep things fun.

To perform this sex position, you need to lay on your back while your man is on top. The X Marks The Spot position get’s the ‘X’ part from the fact that your bodies will form an X when viewed from above. If you are lying on your back your head at the top of the bed where the pillows usually are, your man will be lying across the bed, with his head by one side of the bed and his feet by the other side of the bed.

What The Girl Does In The X Marks The Spot Position

When in the X Marks The Spot position, you will initially find it to be a little challenging and even awkward. But that should change after a few minutes. You’ll find that you can thrust back against your man just as you would when performing regular Missionary. When thrusting back against your man, you won’t get as much clitoral stimulation as normal, so feel free to use your hands to provide a little extra fun to help you orgasm. Or even consider using a vibrator.

You can also hold onto your man’s leg/butt and pull him down and into you with each thrust for stronger penetration. Or you can play with your breasts if you like nipple stimulation.

What The Guy Does In The X Marks The Spot Position

Your man has an easy job in the X Marks The Spot position. All he needs to do is just thrust in and out. That’s it.

If he likes, he can perform a slight variation where he holds onto your arm with his arm closest to you so that he can pull himself into you with each thrust. Doing this can also change the angle of entry slightly.

Things To Consider When Performing The X Marks The Spot Position

I have to talked to quite a few students of the Bad Girls Bible about the X Marks The Spot position. Some like it; some don’t. Here is the feedback they have given me on it.

  • It’s easy to switch from regular Missionary to the X Marks The Spot position and back again if you want to try it out.
  • Anal sex is almost impossible in the X Marks The Spot position.
  • Many found that the X Marks The Spot position lacks intimacy because there isn’t much body contact.
  • It might not be the best position for G-spot stimulation because of the angle. Similarly, your man’s body might block access to your clit.

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