Reading The Princess Fantasy can be completely pointless…

You’ll literally find 100’s of different sex tips, techniques and positions that you can use right now on your man….or for some self-pleasure!

But just reading The PrincessFantasy isn’t enough. Putting these tips into action is what’s truly important. You can have all the knowledge in the world on how to seduce your man and have great sex, but unless you actually use this information, you are not going to improve your sex life.


If you’ve got this far, then hopefully you are serious about improving and actually putting into action what you’ve read here.

The problem that most people encounter when they first find out about The PrincessFantasy is that they are overwhelmed with information. Maybe you feel like this too?

They spend hours reading article after article, but they don’t know where to start.

Thankfully growing your sex repertoire is really simple…


Decide 1 thing that you want to get good at.

Not 15.

Just 1 thing.

Do you want to become the ‘Queen Of Blowjobs’?

Maybe you like the idea of being a ‘Sex Position Siren’?

Or how about learning how to be a ‘Dirty Talking Diva’?

Once you decide, use the navigation on the right to find the information you want to learn. (Each link on the right contains a virtual library of information).

That was easy, huh? There’s actually a little more to it…


Now that you have decided on 1 thing that you would like to master, you need to read a few of the in depth articles on it.

Each article contains multiple techniques you can use. But don’t try them all at once!

You need to read and then re-read about 2-3 techniques so that you fully understand them. Don’t read more than 3.

Then the next time you are with your man, you are going to try out these 2-3 sex techniques on him. Pay close attention to see which ones he enjoys and which ones he doesn’t appreciate so much.

You are going to ‘add’ the ones he does enjoy to your sex repertoire, while forgetting about the ones he doesn’t like so much.

It doesn’t take long to master a new sex technique. Often you’ll master it the first or second time you try it.

Now that you’ve mastered it, you can try out 2-3 different techniques on your man. Then simply repeat the process over and over, until you have a massive library of sex techniques, manoeuvres and positions in your arsenal that your man enjoys.

In many ways learning sex techniques is just like building a house. You can’t do everything all at once. You build a house 1 brick at a time. This is exactly how you are going to build your sex repertoire, one technique at a time.

Following this process, within the span of just a few months you will learn and perfect a huge array of different sex techniques.


As you learn more and more sex techniques, you need to really careful that you don’t fall into a frustrating trap…

You’ll find that your man adores certain things much more than others. But just because he loves 1 or 2 specific techniques, it doesn’t mean that you should focus on those techniques exclusively.

Use them sparingly and they’ll never lose their power.
Use them every day and he’ll quickly grow bored of them.

So there you have it, my simple roadmap to quickly and easily growing your sex repertoire without getting overwhelmed.

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